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LAW 842 - Advanced International Negotiations (Prof. Zwier, Spring 2016)   Tags: international law, negotiation, united nations  

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With the writing component of your seminar in mind, we have compiled a listing of useful resources for the topic of Advanced International Negotiations.  If you have any questions, please request a student consult with a librarian using the form linked on the left hand side of this guide.


Secondary Sources

The following are resources for background information, history, and citations to get you started on your research.

Peace Palace Library: Settlement of International DisputesResearch guide with bibliography, new books, suggested databases and websites.

Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law:  Entries with background and history on international law topics, with select documents and bibliographies, and a citation tool.

Parry and Grant's Encyclopaedic Dictionary of International Law (3rd edition online; older edition in print - KZ1161 .P37 2004). Definitions with citations and links.

Treatises:  Books on international law, generally and on specific topics.  Treatises can be found using discoverE or ebook databases such as:

  Browse the shelves in both MacMillan Law Library and Woodruff Library for books on your topic. See especially:

  • JZ International Relations, including JZ6045 Diplomacy and Negotiation
  • KZ International Law, including KZ6045 Diplomacy and Negotiation

Some individual treatises you might read include:

  • Paul J. Zwier, Principled Negotiation and Mediation in the International Area, Course Reserves KZ6010 .Z95 2013 and in Cambridge Books Online
  • Morton Deutsch, Peter T. Coleman, and Eric Marcus, The Handbook of Conflict Resolution: Theory and Practice in EBSCOhost ebooks
  • Krista E. Wiegand, Enduring Territorial Disputes: Strategies of Bargaining, Coercive Diplomacy, and Settlement in Project Muse
  • Unfinished Business: Why International Negotiations Fail in Project Muse
  • Diplomatic and Judicial Means of Dispute Settlement, KZ6010 .D56 2013
  • International Law and Dispute Settlement: New Problems and Techniques KZ6010 .I576 2010

Keesings’ Record of World Events (subscription database): Monthly digest of political, diplomatic, and economic affairs, 1931-current.  Short articles for historical background, but few citations or links.

Journal articles:

Search law review articles on Westlaw , Lexis, and Hein Online.

You might also search for articles in social science and interdisciplinary journals.

  • discoverE: The catalog for the Emory libraries is also a database for searching articles in multiple campus databases. Log in first as an Emory user. Use the Combined tab, search, then refine your search results by topic. Results will include links to the articles in multiple (but not all) campus databases.
  • Academic Search Complete: Multi-disciplinary database of full-text scholarly journals,  searchable by full-text and fields. Many articles are available in PDF images of the original journals.
  • JSTOR: Like Hein Online, includes pdf academic journal articles, with subject areas including International Relations, Peace & Conflict Studies, Law, History.
  • CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online): Database of international affairs materials, including journal articles, white papers, and IGO and NGO reports.


News and Current Awareness

Resources to update your research and for finding a topic:

Global Legal Monitor: Legal news by jurisdiction and by topics including Peace, Boundaries, and International Affairs. News stories are in English, some with links to documents and news sites.

ASIL Insights: Brief analysis of newsworthy stories in international courts, treaties, and international law

ASIL International Law in Brief: Abstracts of and links to new primary documents in international law, updates International Legal Materials

International Law Update is a quarterly publication with articles on international law opinions of U.S., foreign, and international courts, international agreements, and other international law documents. Available on WestlawLexis, and Hein Online.

Armed Conflict Database: Monitors transnational and internal conflicts world wide. Includes historical background and news, conflict timelines, and statistics on conflicts, peacekeeping operations, fatalities, and refugees.


Hein Online Resources

Foreign and International Law Resources Database:  Foreign and international materials in pdf, includes topics such as:

  • International Yearbooks and Periodicals:  International Law yearbooks from the United Nations and foreign legal organizations and universities.  Summarize international law developments in English.  The periodicals collection includes international law journals such as International Negotiation and International Peacekeeping.
  • International Tribunals and Judicial Decisions:  Includes Reports of International Arbitral Awards, reports of historical awards in disputes between states.

Law Journal Library,including International and Non-U.S. Journals

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals:  Index of law review articles from other countries, indexed in English even where the articles themselves might not be.  Full-text available for articles in other Hein libraries and Find it @ Emory for finding articles linked in other databases and call numbers for print collections at Emory.

Recueil des cours en ligne/Hague Academy Collected Courses Online: Publications of the Hague Academy of International Law accompanying their annual courses. Browse the subject list, or see volumes 317 (2005), 159 (1978), and 73 (1948) for chapters on the peaceful settlement of disputes and on peace treaties.



United Nations

The United Nations Security Council is involved in resolving international disputes. Article 24(1) of the UN Charter provides that the Security Council has primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. 

  • Repertoire of Practice of the Security Council: Publication summarizing the work of the Security Council, including dispute resolution.  Arranged by articles of the UN Charter – see Chapter VI for pacific settlement of disputes. Includes citations to resolutions and other documents.
  • Highlights of Security Council Practice: Summaries of Security Council actions for more recent years. 
  • Security Council Resolutions: Tables of resolutions arranged by year and number, with topic headings, usually states and regions with armed conflicts. Volumes of resolutions and decisions are under Security Council Documents
  • Security Council Documents: Search for Security Council Documents by date or citation. 
  • UN Official Document System (ODS): Full-text, searchable database of all official UN documentation since 1993 (except sales publications and treaties), Security Council resolutions since 1946
  • United Nations Rule of Law Document Repository:  News and documents on the UN's work in the field of rule of law. Tools include official UN documents and UN standards, resolutions, reports, guidance materials, and training materials. Themes include peacebuilding, constitution-making, and transitional justice. The site also has links to other databases on the rule of law, from the United Nations and other international organizations. 
  • Handbook on the Peaceful Settlement of Disputes Between StatesPublished by the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs in 1992, available in the Hein Online United Nations Law Collection and on the UN website.

U.S. State Department & Foreign Relations

U.S. materials on foreign relations, international disputes, and treaty negotiation will be easier to find than those of other countries.


Treaties and Travaux Préparatoires

Treaties and other international agreements are the basic documents of international law. They may be cited in your work on international negotiation, or they may be useful for providing language used in drafting international agreements. 

  • UN Treaties Collection: Text and status of United Nations treaties.  Includes the UNTS, recently deposited treaties, certified true copies, and status of treaties. Multilateral and bilateral treaties are deposited with the UN Secretary-General, including but not limited to UN treaties. Search for treaties in the UN Treaty Series database, or find by popular name. Results include pdfs of treaties in the UNTS.
  • Hein Online UN Treaty Search: Find treaties in the United Nations Treaty Series by number, country, title, date, or keyword. 
  • Sources of State Practice in International Law (KZ64 .S67 2014). Chapters by country with treaty background and procedure, and bibliographies of treaty sources.

Background documents or “legislative history” on the negotiation of treaties and international agreements.  Generally not compiled except for major historical treaties and agreements.

  • United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law: The Historic Archives includes summaries and documents from the negotiation of major UN treaties, arranged by topic. The Research Library tab has links to treaty collections and national treaty sites. The Lecture Series tab has video lectures on international law topics (including the peaceful settlement of disputes), with links to related materials.
  • UNBISNET: UN Bibliographic Information System.  Search for bibliographic records in the UN Library.  Search by treaty name to find related reports and documents, with document numbers and some links to documents.
  • For major treaties, try a search in discoverE or WorldCat (for interlibrary loan) for published travaux – try searching with the treaty name and “travaux,” “legislative history,” or “documents.”
  • Globalex Guide to Researching Travaux

Conflict Negotiation

PILPG Negotiation Simulations: PILPG runs negotiation simulations on conflict negotiations. Their website offers sample briefing packets for their Darfur simulations, and "lessons learned reports" from some other conflict simulations.

Armed Conflict Database: Timelines and statistics on international conflicts, with articles of summaries and trends, and selected expert commentary. 

United States Institute of Peace: Independent institute funded by Congress. Articles and analysis by country and issue area on conflict prevention and peacebuilding. 


International Courts

International Court of Justice (Reports of Judgments also found in WestlawLexis, and Hein Online): Judgments and court documents on disputes between sovereign states, frequently disputes over borders and territory. The court's website includes pending cases, oral and written proceedings, orders, and summaries of judgments and orders, as well as Rules of Court and Practice Directions. 

Oxford Reports on International Law: Decisions of international courts, of domestic courts on international law, and awards of arbitral bodies. Search, browse by jurisdiction or state party, or find Settlement of Disputes in the subject list.

Permanent Court of Arbitration: Resolution of disputes between states.  The cases list has information on cases and sometimes documents. Not all cases before the court are available. Includes news of arbitral tribunal cases before the court.


International Environmental Law

UNEP (UN Environmental Programme): Documents and reports on environmental policy and programs, including a sub-programme on disasters and conflicts. 

ECOLEX: Environmental law database of treaties, plus national court decisions and legislation, with some full-text links.

FAOLEX (UN Food and Agriculture Organization): Laws and regulations on food and agriculture, including environmental laws on energy, water, and oceans, and animal laws on livestock, wild species, and ecosystems.

Global International Waters Assessment (UNEP): Regions of the world's waters, with international agreements, interested intergovernmental organizations, and environmental projects.

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